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City of Frankenmuth Department of Public Works Goes Digital!
August 2006

City of Frankenmuth DPW and the City of Saginaw GIS staff recently kicked off a GPS data collection project for the inventory of the City and Township water utility distribution system.  Frankenmuth DPW staff are field verifying and Collecting water utility valves, curb stops and hydrants using a Trimble ProXR GPS System to gather the coordinates and associated attributes for integration into their GIS system.  Once the inventory is complete the City of Saginaw staff will integrate existing CAD (Computer Aided Design) water main line work to fit the new higher accuracy infrastructure. See Full Story

PA 116 Farmland Preservation Contract Mapping

After a very long process of identifying every PA 116 property based on descriptions provided by the State Office of Farmland Preservation.  This mapping is finally complete for all SAGA municipalities.  Special thanks to Bill Jeruski for all his hard work!  This layer is recently available on the interactive mapping portion of the website with contract expiration dates labeled.

Zoning & Future Land Use Mapping

The zoning layer is continually being updated and is available on the website.  Future land use is also complete and soon will be available on the website. 

GIS Layer Ranking Results

After compiling the results of the GIS layer ranking survey, the priorities came out as follows:

  1. Building Footprint Update
  2. Hydrology (Water features) and Parcel Dimension Annotation.

The building footprints have already been partially completed in the City of Saginaw. 
The hydrology layer update will involve adjusting water features where necessary to our new 2005 orthophotography.  More importantly water features will be attributed with their names.
The parcel dimension annotation will involve adding and updating the dimensions for all parcels in the SAGA area.

Other priority GIS layers will be created or updated when these are complete.



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