Geographic Information is critical to maintaining efficient and effective government operations. Decisions require the support of accurate, timely and integrated information about land based issues and other factors. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consist of automated applications; telecommunications; data processing resources and services; member and community educational programming which uses GIS; the support elements such as funding, personnel, facilities, contracts, training and related services; tabular data and information associated with geographic land based issues.Maximum benefits and effective use of GIS can only be fully realized through coordinated efforts and sharing of resources. The Saginaw Area GIS Authority shall monitor, evaluate, and make recommendations to the Authority Board on the needs, direction, priorities, standards, funding, and responsibilities for GIS projects and initiatives within the County of Saginaw.

The objectives of the Authority shall include the following:

  • Advise Authority members on issues, problems and opportunities related to GIS planning.
  • Establish a forum at the County level to identify opportunities and to develop and promote initiatives for the application of GIS.
  • Identify, recommend and communicate adequate planning, standards, and quality controls for the implementation and operations of GIS in the countywide and local governmental units within the County of Saginaw.
  • Assist Authority members in coordinating the management, application and sharing of GIS resources.
  • Inform users of geographic information about the status of GIS activities.
  • Promote the training and use of GIS services and resources.
  • Engage in educational programs regarding GIS for the benefit of the members and the Saginaw County community at large.